Frutiger Fonts

Frutiger is a very popular and beautiful font family designed by Adrian Frutiger. Frutiger font family is categorized as sans-serif typeface. The typeface is very clear and easy to read even when used with small text sizes, detailed print etc... You can download Frutiger font dfamily for free from DFF including many different variants of the font from independent designers, the font has many variants and styles, designed by other designers as well.. Related keywords: frutiger free download mac pc windows zip bold light neue roman black font ttf arabic adobe adrian lt all fonts 65 55 boldcn italic 75 b cyrillic cn condensed extra next central eur for gratis heavy 56 66 lightcn linotype 45 std medium normal pro western otf of opentype paneuropean regular sans scin serif sain sbin typeface truetype ultrablack ultra 95 w02 book w1g family lightcn